How To Sign Up On Payoneer

A step-by-step guide to sign up on Payoneer, a global digital payment solution.

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Working and doing business globally has become a lot easier with the help of global payment services. Entrepreneurs, self-employed persons, freelancers, and online businesses can take advantage by paying and getting paid at a very low cost. Bank wire transfers are a costly choice for doing business globally.

There are many global payment services available worldwide like stripe, PayPal, Transfer wise, Payoneer, and many more. But Payoneer is the one that provides its services in over 200 countries. Fortunately, one of them is Pakistan.

When I tried to receive payments for my work from cross-border clients as a freelance writer. It feels hectic, annoying, and stressful because I could not find the global payment service in my country that clients are offering like stripe and PayPal because I live in Pakistan and they do not provide services for Pakistan.

By and then, I started searching for ways to receive payments from abroad. After reviewing different global payment services.

I found Payoneer workable for me.

And for the freelancers, e-commerce, IT, and remote work.

Payoneer is the right choice! I believe.

There are many advantages of using Payoneer. It provides multiple currencies account. You can receive your payment in your local bank account in local currency. It provides discounts for high-earning clients. It has the option of a debit card.

It seems like an arduous task to create a Payoneer account, but when I jumped into the quest, it became easy. Let me guide you through the process step by step.

Pre-Requisites for signing up on Payoneer

Put first things first. You should have the following things in hand before registering for the Payoneer account.

1-Be of 18 years of age or above

2- Have a residential address

3- Have an e-mail address (for verifying the account and transactions)

4- A phone number (for verifying the account and transactions)

5- A Bank account in your country ( in case you want to withdraw money in your currency)

6- A fast internet service and laptop or mobile (obviously)

Now you are all set, let’s get started.

You can register a Payoneer account with the link below.

Note: It's a referral link you and I may receive $25 as a bonus when you will register on Payoneer from here or you can simply sign up from Payoneer site and forego the bonus.

1 open the link of Payoneer website and click on the button of Sign Up and Earn $25

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2 When you click on the button the following page will appear. Fill in the required objects as provided in the screenshot.

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After the completion of this form, it will navigate you to the following page.

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3 Hit the register button. You will be directed to Payoneer Sign Up page. Here, you will see the form for getting started your registration in Payoneer.

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Here, two options are available for registering in Payoneer, Individual or company. You can Sign up as an individual or if you have a company in that case you can register your company here. In my case, I registered as an individual as I don't have a company.

Fill out the form. Provide all the required information carefully then hit the next button.

4 It will move you towards the next step of providing contact details.

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Fill out your contact information and enter your phone number, then click on the send code link. You will receive the verification code shortly on your mobile via SMS. Enter the verification code and hit the next button below.

5 I will direct you to the next step that requires security details for creating your account and keeping it safe and secure.

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In this step, you have to set up a password and add some security details such as adding a security question, your national identity details, and your name in your local language.

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Here’s the tricky part for entering your name in the local language you have to translate your name through google translator or otherwise you cannot enter your name by using your language keyboard.

Now copy your name and paste in the form then enter the capcha given in the end and click on the next button to move on to the next step.

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6 You will be directed to the next step named “ Almost Done”.

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Fill out this form it requires your bank account details and click on the check boxes of conditions written below then click on the submit button.

Then relax, sit back and wait for the email from Payoneer. The software says it may take 2 to 3 working days to review and approve the application but I received the email approving my account within 1 hour. Look at the congratulations email I received.

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Here, you think that this is the end of the process.

Wait!!! it’s not done yet.

Complete your verification in order to get the smooth flow of payments with no disruptions.

7 Log in to your Payoneer account.

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8 Complete your two-step verification by getting a verification code on your Phone number then enter it.

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9 After completing two-step verification you will see this notification of updating your account information.

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Fill out the 2 security questions and click on submit button. After completing you will see this message box on the home page of your Payoneer account.

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10 Click on SUBMIT NOW button. It will navigate you to the verification center.

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Here are two requirements to fill out, the first one is to provide business details. It requires filling out a questionnaire.

Note: This requirement is maybe for Pakistani’s only. other countries may have some other requirements.

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These questions are related to your work. The first question asks for the category of your business, as a freelance writer I write Freelance Content writer you can write whatever best defines your work.

The next question asks for the URL of your website. I provided the URL of my profile on the website where I write as a contributor to the website.

The third question asks for your relationship with the website. I answered as I am a management contributor.

The last question asks about a brief summary of your work and your paying clients. I explained I am a content writer, I write articles and blog posts and my clients are website and blog owners.

After filling out the questionnaire click on the submit button. Then you will be navigated towards the next requirement of account verification.

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Finally, you have to upload both sides of your National Identification Card scanned picture or your passport scanned pictures.

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Now, you are a verified account member of Payoneer.

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Congratulations!!! You are done. Now you can send or receive money in different currencies around the world. Payoneer supports more than 200 countries.

Hopefully, You have found some helpful information in this article.

Happy making money. 😄



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